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This is a gift for my dear Yuni Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use) 

I enjoy this outer space world I came up with, inter alia inspired by Sillage.
I already created two characters from this world and wrote stories.
Click on here if you wanna check that out!
I wanted to expand this world and make it bigger and more detailed for my dear friend
Yuni. So here is a new story about this creation! :meow:

Hope you'll enjoy! :meowlove: 

In a foreign part of the galaxy, called Orion, stands a huge bundle of ships all gathered
in a sinuous enlightened path coiling between the planets. There are all kind of ships for
many different purpose. Some sell merchandise, some propose slaves of all kind, some
are habitations, hotels, restaurants, malls, some others are even relaxing places for Elit
Orions, who want to have some rest and nice holidays. These would be called “spa” on
some far away planets, in other galaxies. But here they're called “relaxing spaces” - or
“places” - because they're not only meant for sauna nor hot stone massages. There,
erotic or even sexual services can be proposed for the Elit Class. 

Planets have not the same circumference. They can be very small, inhabited by a few
thousand persons, and some others can be much bigger and can welcome a whole
cargo with on-board a tens of thousands of creatures.

On one of the very small planets, a relaxing one, lived a quite rare alien species with
usually impressive abilities. Among all the beings living there, a young one caught the
attention of an Elit Orion, who came on the planet for holidays. The Elit Orion, named
Ikhal-Lak, felt so attracted by the youngster that he decided to take him back home on
his cruiser. The young alien didn't oppose and it was even a luck for him, since small
planets are very often poor and don't have much resources. He left with the Elit Orion
and started living on a high class cruiser. He was very well treated and rapidly became
Ikhal-Lak's favorite. 

The little alien didn't have a name when Ikhal-Lak met him. He was then given one
by the Elit Orion who decided to call him Noptra, which is an anagram for Trapon, his
mother planet. A beautiful aquatic planet with golden rocks and shores floating above
the deep blue color of the sea. Since the young one is also an aquatic alien and comes
from this globe, this name was rather fitting. 

Noptra's hair has this viscous look at first sight but is in fact quite soft and even a bit
warm, which can be rather surprising since aquatic aliens are usually cold, above all
outside of the water. It can even glow a bit depending on his mood. When he's very
excited, for example, his hair can sparkle. His fingertips, on both hands and feet, are
as soft and warm as his hair and naturally glow. The glow fades when he's sleeping,
sad or depressed and it intensifies when he's angry, excited, in love or simply curious.
Same for his tongue and antennas. His skin is of a nacreous touch and color and
doesn't possess any glands, so he never sweats, just like reptiles. Very convenient
capacity. With three eyes, his sight is highly developed and he can see in the dark,
such as some fish 
living deep in the darkest waters where it's pitched black. 

His hair is as sensitive as his skin, because it is composed of nerves, and never
grows longer. It just becomes a bit bigger at the age of 18, but that's all.

On his planet Noptra used to be a masseur of a very rare skill for his age. With two
pair of hands, that's a high advantage he has. He first started with lower Orion
Classes and little by little graduated the scales to become a Pro-Elit Orion Masseur.
That's where he met that Elit Orion who took him on his cruiser.

In a way, Noptra was helped and even saved by Ikhal-Lak, because now he's having
a great and very peaceful life, alongside his savior. He's not forced to massage
unknown aliens anymore. It wasn't always a pleasure to work as a masseur on that
small planet, above all when he had to massage the sticky and stingy ones. Now he
only give nice massages to his savior who sometimes gives him the nickname of
“Kali's secret hands”. 

Noptra is very grateful towards that Elit Orion, whom he loves a little bit more
every new day. He now lives in a luxurious palace made of Eldonite, a sort of
bluish marble, instead of a rustic cabin in the swamps. Ikhal-Lak takes great
care of Noptra and treasures him with his whole heart.

Noptra has also another skill that his savior loves very much. He has the ability
to contort his body in all kind of beautiful and impressive ways. His bones are very
soft and won't break easily, which make the contortion art easier. With his four
arms and hands he can even take very surprising poses and amazed the Elit Orion
more than once.

With that wondrously and attractively limber body, the Elit Orion can't resist the so
cute little Noptra, and yield to all his wishes.

Art, characters and story by Aldric-Cheylan ©
All Rights Reserved ©

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sandcastler Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
A multi-arm contortionist....the possibilities are endless!!
Aldric-Cheylan Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016   Digital Artist
Oh yes! You can do so many things with those arms. *w*
Shane-Emeraldwing Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's CUTE!  Love that contortion ism as well!
Aldric-Cheylan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016   Digital Artist
Awww thank you so much! ;3; I'm so happy you find him cute! ♥ 
Thank you for the feedback! ♥
Roojoeus Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016
Great work!
I just love the alien's body position. 
I always enjoyed artworks of alien lifeforms, and this one is one of the best. 
Aldric-Cheylan Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016   Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! :meow:
Your comment makes me very happy. :'3 I'm so glad you like this alien! :heart:
Roojoeus Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016
You're always welcome. 

Thank you for an interesting character. 
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February 2, 2016
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