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Heya! :meowwave: 

I'm organizing a contest with cool prizes!! :meowdummy:

The theme is about YôkaiBeating Heart Emote (Free to Use)

Here is the article of the contest with all the rules. It's all in French but I translated everything below:


:bulletyellow: Choose a Yôkai from the list on this site.

:bulletorange: Draw the chosen Yôkai as a human. (If it's a beast/monster, you'll have to humanize it but it will still have to look like the chosen Yôkai. I'll have to recognize it thanks to details, colours, background, clothes... etc.)
Here is an example. I've chosen the Kasha and here is my illustration: Kasha by Aldric-Cheylan

:bulletred: The goal of the contest is simple. Draw the Yôkai of your choice in a human form and explain in a few lines why you chose this Yôkai and why you represented it like this.

About the prizes now! :meow:

There will be two winners

:bulletpurple: 1st will win an illustration with a value of 100€. - example Commission Gally - The winner can ask for her/his OC or a character from a manga (fan art) of her/his choice. The HD illustration will be sent to the winner only. The drawing can still be posted on the internet, in a lower quality though.

:bulletpink: 2nd will win a coloured sketch of her/his OC or character from a manga (fan art) of her/his choice. And same about the HD illustration, will be sent to the winner only but the drawing can still be posted in a lower quality on the internet.

The winners will be chosen depending upon the respect of the theme, the quality of the drawing and the respect of the Yôkai's characteristics. 

The contest ends on November 8th at 12:00 pm. 

For those who want to enter the contest, let me know in the comments by writing [your name] AND "Want To Join The Yôkai Contest". 

Submit your entries on DA or Stash and send me a link to your illustration in the comments when it's done.
Good luck everyone!! :bestbuddies: 


- DreamIsNotLife
- Saisei-chan
- gallyfylbers
- Eyrann
- Kiyomi
- Lousiane
- Chloé
- YetiPoisson
- Maud
- Laura
- Andréa
- Quina-chan


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Aldric Cheylan
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U may also watch my last journal.. It's about u...
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Done.. it's gone.. Didn't mean to hurt u.. my original pics (few) were also stolen.. well, i wanted only one pic and then try to make sth in that style but different.. i should have asked. U're right. Even tho u were calm and polite.. as long as i can't hear your voice i will feel like u're shouting at me.. I am a very depressive person and fragile.. I'm sorry :'( I also have 2 more that are not mine, i admit.. but the rest are original.. I am trying sometimes so copy just to fix my hand for drawing.. I'll go now.. my tears are making me blind... Sry...
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I enjoy a lot your art. <3 :D :) Thx for "getting in my way"!!! XDD 
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merci de me suivre mon n'elfe ^^'
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